Emergency Support

Our NOC team is on duty 24/7 as part of the Infrastructure Incident Management and ensures reliable operation of the internex backbone and data centers.

As a rule, our technical support is available free of charge by e-mail and telephone on workdays Mon – Fri from 08:00 to 17:00. Excluded are public holidays.

For very time-critical and urgent matters, we also support you outside of our regular support hours.

Internex support staff is on standby for you 24/7 outside of regular support hours and can be alerted by you for a fee if necessary.


  • - at least one previously functioning server service is no longer available
  • - you can rule out current maintenance work as the cause: internex status


During our regular support hours, we will be happy to check whether your request can be implemented free of charge. Please simply send us an e-mail to "[email protected]" instead of triggering the fee-based emergency support.

If your problem is at the application level and internex servers and services are regularly available and accessible, we recommend contacting your software manufacturer directly (e.g. programmer, system house, agency, etc.).

If the problem is at the provider level (infrastructure / server / network), you are of course in the right place at internex.


In addition to triggering emergency support, an e-mail with the subject "Emergency Support" to "[email protected]" with the following information is helpful to come up with a satisfactory solution together:

  • - Exact problem description / error message / server name etc.
  • - Instructions on how to recreate the problem in question
  • - Recent changes

The more precisely and in detail you describe your problem to us, the faster we can help you solve it.

Please note that simply sending an email with details of a technical problem will not alert an on-call technician.


By triggering emergency support, an initial emergency response fee of 200€ plus VAT will be charged, regardless of time and working day.

The following services are covered by the emergency response fee:

  • - Up to 30 minutes of on-call technical support at any time
  • - A technician contacts you within 30 minutes of triggering the response at the telephone number you provide in the emergency response form.
  • - You receive qualified feedback on the status of the network and the availability of the server services. If an application issue can be ruled out, we will immediately begin to fix the problem.

Expenses that exceed 30 minutes will be charged at 200€ plus VAT per hour.

The following services are not covered by the emergency response fee:

  • - Analysis or correction of problems caused by the application (root cause analysis)

These expenses are generally charged in addition to 200€ plus VAT per hour, as the support of a specialized and skilled Senior System Administrator is required.

If it turns out that the problem was not due to the application but to the infrastructure, only the initial emergency response fee of 200€ plus VAT is charged.

The invoice is sent to the customer account of the infrastructure in question.

Telephone number (you will be called at this number subsequently):

Monday to Friday (on workdays), our free support is available.